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this day planner. >> from the years '96, '97, and 1998. >> what were the chances of that? here years later was the planner for 1998, the year jack jessee was murdered. >> a treasure we didn't expect to find, but what that day
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planner did was connected all the people back in 1998 that were associated with brett schrauben. >> what'd you think? >> this is too good to be true. i thought good things were going to happen. somebody's back on our side again. >> and with this evidence, dove was able to get a judge to approve a wiretap on schrauben's phone. then as he waited for it to go into effect, he kept going through the trash. maybe he'd find something more. and, indeed, he did. and it turned the case upside down. he found rental listings in arizona. brett schrauben was moving out of the state, would be gone before the wiretap ruling took effect. and in arizona, california warrant was worthless. >> this completely took all that work and we're talking probably six months of work and just threw it out the window. >> the killers had slipped the trap. game over.
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after two years of relentless police work, tom dove's investigation of the murder of jack jessee had generated enough evidence to fill this mail cart. all apparently for naught. the suspect and his key for cracking the case had skipped the state. and detective dove's jurisdiction. >> we were so close. >> the jessee family sensed dove had been beaten and sandra jessee had won. got away with murder. >> i put his pictures away. it was tough. he was so fantastic. >> put his pictures away. >> i had to. >> couldn't look at him. >> i couldn't look at him. >> at the dove home, tom's wife patty began to worry about her husband's health. >> he tends to hold things in.
3:07 am
you can't hold in that frustration and emotion without it affecting you. that kind of stress takes a toll on him physically and mentally. >> that's what you worry about? >> exactly. >> because she knew if he didn't solve the jessee case, he might die trying. >> he's like a dog with a bone. he's going to take it and do it until it gets done. >> dove was not alone. there was a prosecutor who shared his feeling. michael murray who wanted sandra jessee and her group as bad as dove. >> this was full of obstacles. >> it would have been possible to let it go at that point. >> maybe to some people. >> they flew to phoenix, presented their evidence to the state attorney general and pleaded for a wiretap warrant. and they got it. the game was back on if they could make it work.
3:08 am
>> we were going to try to set a trap for three people and keep track of those three people. and i wasn't sure if it was going to work or not. >> if it didn't -- >> in the back of my mind, i gave it probably a 30% chance of success. >> but you're giving yourself a 70% chance of being a goat at the end of the day. >> it had to be perfect. we were only going to get one try. >> so tom began to compile a team of investigators. even called darren wyatt, the first detective on the case to see if the placentia pd wanted in. >> i said let me fall at your feet. this is going to be good. >> the phoenix pd also provided scores of officers. by game day he had close to a hundred cops working the case. >> i'm reminded of that mouse trap game you play when you were a kid. this huge ball bearing was going
3:09 am
to have to go through a tremendous amount of obstacles that were thrown together in order to lower the trap and catch the mouse. anywhere along the line there could be a snag. there could be something we hadn't planned for that cowl throw this ball completely off the board. >> okay. so what was the plan? what was the nature of your trap, of your mouse trap? >> we believed that if we did something to get these people uptight, if we were a i believe to rattle the tree, put fear in them that maybe the police were on to them that they would talk about the murder of jack jessee. >> so what was the piece of cheese you put into that trap? >> we mailed a simple copy of the newspaper article when jack jessee was murdered anonymously to sandra jessee, tom aelhert and brett schrauben. the significance of that was they didn't know we knew about
3:10 am
brett schrauben. they're going to know something's up. >> and sure enough, as soon as tom heard brett got an anonymous letter, he called his mother sandra. >> whoever sent out that crap sent one to brett too. >> give me a break. >> really. >> you're kidding me. >> no. i would not kid about something like that. >> they sent one to breath snt. >> yeah. >> why would they send one to breath t, how would they even -- >> i have no clue. >> next they started poking brett's friends in california. >> leave your name and number and i'll get back to you. >> hey, dude. it's me. you need to [ bleep ] call me asap. this is no [ bleep ] joke. some guy from the sheriff -- orange county sheriff's department, homicide division was calling me asking about you. >> brett in turn called tom. >> hello? >> hello. >> tom? >> hey, what's up? >> hey, i just got a call from
3:11 am
scott. the orange county homicide division called scott and want to talk to him about me. >> about you? >> yeah. >> what are you on right now? >> i'm on my cell phone. >> are you comfortable or no? >> no. >> that little mouse trap ball was making its way through the maze. but after a few days of the game, sandra, tom, and brett began to wonder if they were getting played, suspected their phones were tapped maybe their houses bugged. >> i want to talk for a couple second. i'd rather just pick you up and go back to the church or something. >> the church? >> just somewhere outside. >> okay. >> away from your place or my place. >> okay. >> and not on a cell phone. >> okay. >> okay. when would you have time? >> now. >> and so they started meeting in shopping centers. >> we decided to put surveillance teams on each of the individuals, sandra jessee,
3:12 am
tom aelhert, and brett schrauben. during the duration of the wiretwire trap to catch things they may not do while the wiretap was in place. >> they'd stand shoulder to shoulder in a parking lot watching out the parking lot and not looking at each other. >> there it was like a scene from some mafia movie. the suspects out of range of recording devices apparently deep in conversation as they peered into the parking lot. >> i think the photographs of tom aehlert and sandra jessee were worth a million into how far they would go to conceal what they had done. they feel they got away with the perfect crime. >> he would go back to pressure schrauben's friends for information. he was, of course, relentless. chased down anybody who knew the man. followed one tip to another.
3:13 am
until dove finally encountered the man he'd been hunting for years. the bar tender who called in the anonymous tip years earlier. >> and the first words out of my mouth were hi, mike. i'm here about brett and his face went flush and said i knew you were going to find me. >> what story did he tell you? >> that for some reason schrauben had told specific details o the murder including his involvement. that was a huge quantum leap for us in putting this case to rest. >> now the time had come to spring the trap. brett schrauben was arrested and soon thereafter sandra jessee herself was in handcuffs. finally to be held accountable for jack jessee's murder. >> that was wonderful. best three-day weekend i had. >> that was a pretty good day. >> didn't last. for one thing, tom was not arrested.
3:14 am
insufficient evidence, said the prosecu prosecutor. then as he rolled it out, that ball came off the track again. this time at sandra's preliminary hearing. the judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to hold her. she was free to go. >> i sobbed all the way back home. i don't know how i made it back. >> only brett schrauben was to face a murder trial. it was the summer of 2006, eight years after the death of jack jessee's murder. and justice? not yet, if ever. coming up, finally the break detectives had been waiting for. >> she wanted jack dead. >> the information he provided would blow the case wide open. >> until something slammed it shut again. when "dateline" continues. members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone!
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after month can do a lot to alter a person's take on the world. even more so if the inmate is looking at a possible life sentence. and that's when bret schrauben had an epiphany. just days before his murder trial was to begin, he said he was finally willing to testify against tom and sandra. but he wanted out. now.
3:19 am
the deal had to be for time served or nothing at all. >> what'd you think when you heard what he wanted in order to get his cooperation? >> i thought it was outrageous. but it's not a perfect world. and the people who are likely to have some of the best detailed information about what takes place inside a conspiracy is a co-conspirator. we needed it. >> what was the story? >> the story was a pretty detailed and amazing story. >> schrauben described the whole affair on tape. laid it out in all its chilling detail. anatomy of a murder. the conspiracy was launched, he said, with a phone call from tom. >> he told me his mom would give $50,000 to kill his dad. >> she gave him a $5,000 deposit. >> she wanted jack dead and done at the house to look like a robbery. she told me she would leave for x-amount of time and that's when
3:20 am
it needed to be done. >> he hired his good friend t.j. garrick to be the getaway driver. and while she was getting her nails done, they drove to the house to murder jack. >> i was already having cold feet on the way there. by the time i was down the street i was really having cold feet. i got in the house, standing in the garage now. and i put on rubber gloves and reached inside the door and shut it. i couldn't do it. i went to the car. i said the door was locked. so that way it wouldn't look like i chickened out. i called tom and i told tom. said the door is locked. and he said that he would call his mom and get back to me. >> and according to schrauben, tom called back within minutes with a backup plan.
3:21 am
>> he told me his mom was going to go out that night and that it needed to happen tonight because he mom can't take it anymore. and he said if we didn't do it tonight, she was going to do it. i said i wouldn't wl do it. and t.j. said he would do it if i drove. >> so they returned that night about 9:00. he dropped t.j. off at the house and drove around the neighborhood while t.j. snuck inside and stabbed jack jessee to death. >> we had walkie-talkies. afterward he called when he was done and told him to pick him up. so i'm turning to go back. he had a little blood on his legs. we looked for a place to clean himself up. there was an outside place for him to clean himself up. >> the information he provided, if we could corroborate what he said, would blow the case wide open. >> t.j. garrick was questioned
3:22 am
and denied everything. other than schrauben's statement, there wasn't enough evidence to hold him. so he was allowed to walk. and investigators focused on building their case against tom and sandra. by documenting money transfers, phone calls, air travel. >> so when you add all that together, what'd you think? >> i thought we were starting to put together a pretty good case. >> good enough that murray had tom and sandra arrested. and in the summer of 2009, 11 years after the murder, the mother and son team went on trial for the murder of jack jessee. >> going to court was like going to my dad's funeral every day. it really was. you're around people you know killed your dad. it was a ridiculous feeling. you can't even put it into words. just soul wrenching. >> schrauben testified against them. in court it was argued sandra had a variety of motives for killing jack. she wanted his money before medical bills ate up their savings. and she couldn't bear being away
3:23 am
from her son tom. >> do you think the case had gone well? >> i thought the case had gone extremely well. >> except once again that little ball came off the track. >> what happened? coming up, the story of a murder caught on tape. >> when "deadly conspiracy"
3:24 am
when the jury went into seclusion to deliberate, the jessee family thought justice was just hours away. but as the sun set on the courthouse, nothing. no word. same thing again next day. and the day after that. the problem?
3:25 am
there was a holdout. >> it got very heated. >> yes. >> these members of the jury told us 11 voted for conviction. but there was one lone juror who felt some level of compassion for sandra. >> she related to the sandra jessee concern that jack jessee's illness would eat up their nest egg. >> i felt like she was enjoying the control she had. >> there was nothing. nothing we could do or say. >> people were getting so heated and there was so much anger that she started to shut down even more. >> and that scene played out for three and a half days until the judge said enough and declared a mistrial. >> i was in tears. >> i was too. and thinking of the family and what they've gone through. that was heart ache. just heart ache. >> i thought i was going to pass out. >> yeah. it was horrible.
3:26 am
>> it was just -- >> like it happened all over again. >> that one juror, you know, i saw her. i went to talk to her. >> what'd you say? >> i said she was an idiot. >> it was certainly difficult for me. it was far more difficult for the family. >> murray promised the family justice. spent two years putting a new case together. and just weeks before trial, he got a call. it was from tom's attorney. saying his client was ready to cut the apron strings and and against his mom. >> there's no way that we ever suspected that tom aehlert would ever turn on his mother. he was known to be a momma's boy. >> but a momma's boy who decided he didn't want to die in prison. tom pleaded guilty to second degree murder, got 15 to life. besides helping connect the crime to his mother, he had somebody else he wanted to give up. t.j. garrick the alleged stabber. he claimed at a party in 2004 he
3:27 am
told him how he murdered his stepfather and on tape he repeated to murray and detectives the gruesome tail. >> he saw jack at the front window. he turned around. jack made a comment to him wanting to know who the hell he was. jack came at him, threw the phone at him. and t.j., he said the phone hit him. and that he tried to take a swing at jack with the knife. and jack had his hands up. >> remember he was frail recovering from colon surgery. and not expected to fight back. >> and they fought. he said jack was a lot stronger than he was supposed to be and at first he didn't think he was going to be able to get jack down to the ground. said he had to stab him a couple of times in the chest before he was able to at least get him to where he could control him and took him to the ground.
3:28 am
but jack was still breathing. he was lying face down. the last thing he did was stabbed jack in the back. >> tom's statement was strong enough to get t.j. garrick arrested. he's in custody now, insists he's innocent, and waits for a trial that may be years away. but sandra, her case went to court one month after her son states evidence. and as the jury deliberated and the family waited, there was no euphoria. they knew from bitter experience that anything could happen. >> it's a lot harder this time not knowing what's going to happen. >> on the second day, they got word. the jury had the verdict. >> my stomach's in knots. . >> i'm shaking. >> we're just very nervous at this moment. >> 13 years after jack jessee's murder, sandra jessee was found guilty.
3:29 am
and finally that little ball stayed on its track. the mouse was caught. >> i hope that she rots in hell. i just really do. i'm glad it wasn't the death penalty. i want her to stay there and suffer with all the other miserable people that go to prison. >> what's it feel like to get justice finally? >> it feels good. it feels good, but not complete. not complete. lost a guy. the nicest guy i ever met. >> and for tom dove, he's now retired from the sheriff's department and at his going away party, his fellow detectives gave him this. it honors his commitment to the jessee case. >> it means more to me than any other plaque or award i've ever received in my life. >> and in retirement tom says he hopes to set up a shelter for stray dogs.

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